Interns 2023

Tayyaba Munir

Tayyaba Munir, is a final year law student at International Islamic University, who served as a dedicated legal intern at the Federal Tax Ombudsman Secretariat. She is also actively working as the Youth Ambassador for FTO. Beyond the legal realm, she brings her eloquence to the forefront as an anchorperson at Just1 TV, portraying her multifaceted commitment to both the legal and media domains. Apart from this, she is an avid reader and skilled writer, with a particular expertise in not only academic writing but also other domains such as fiction.Tayyaba alsopossess a strong interest in learning various languages and is a dedicated lover of arts.

Fatima Akram

Fatima Akram is a 4th year law student at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. As President of Quaid-i-Azam Art Society, Wall of Hope QAU and Read Pakistan QAU, Fatima champions artistic expression and literacy, weaving community engagement with her legal aspirations. She’s an avid reader, a sketch artist and spends her time exploring new horizons. During her internship at the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO), Fatima delved into Pakistan’s tax landscape. She witnessed firsthand the FTO’s dedication to investigating and addressing complaints against tax malpractices. Beyond individual cases, Fatima’s keen eye for detail and graphic skills earned her a place on the editorial teams of FPO’s and OICOA’s monthly newsletters.

Maryam Areej

Maryam Areej is undergrad student of law at Qauid-e-Azam University Islamabad who completed her summer internship at legal and administrative wing of Federal Tax Ombudsman.The journey of tremendous learning consisted of navigating the intricacies of law, tackling with the grievances of taxpayers, wielding legal acumen and empathy to ensure fairness and accountability within the system.Driven by a passion for human rights advocacy, Maryam aspires to become a dedicated human rights lawyer. Beyond her legal pursuits, she finds joy in hiking and excels as a badminton player. Currently, she is actively engaged in the international Aspire leadership program.

Malik Shahrukh Khan

Malik Shahrukh Khan is a 4th year law student at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. As President of Read Pakistan QAU, Shahrukh champions leading expression and literacy, weaving community engagement with his legal aspirations. He’s an avid reader by spending his time exploring new horizons. During his internship at the Federal Tax Ombudsman, he witness the crucial role that the Ombudsman plays in ensuring fairness and justice in the tax system.He performed various tasks, ranging from conducting research on complex tax issues to analyzing case files and drafting reports.

Kainat Arshad

Kainat Arshad a student of MSc Media Science completed her internship at FTO office. Under the guidance of FTO, Kainat mastered the art of handling complaints, learned to draft effective tax-related grievances, and gained insight into utilizing online portals for complaint filing. The highlight of her internship was involvement with FTO TV Channel, where she honed her skills in recording shows, creating awareness sessions, and producing annual reports and newsletters.

Neelam Shujahuddin

Neelam Shujahuddin served as legal intern at FTO Secretariat. She is an Advocate of High Courts of Pakistan. Ms. Shujahuddin has a legal practice background in matters pertaining to banking and contractual agreements. She has done her LL.B. (Hons) from University of London. She also holds a postgraduate degree in Law with the specialization of Commercial and Corporate Law from Queen Mary University of London. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Law (Banking & Finance Law) and Postgraduate Certificate in Law (International Business Law) from the University of London.

Munimah Riaz

Munimah Riaz is a final-year law student at Bahria University Law School (BULS) in Islamabad. With four years of experience as a professional academic research and content writer, she bring a wealth of knowledge to her work. Additionally, Munimah serves as the vice president of Bahria University Law Moot Society specialized in teaching students mooting to enhance their oral and written advocacy skills. As a legal intern, Munimah worked in various departments of the Federal Tax Ombudsman.Outside of her academic and professional pursuits, Munimah channels her creativity into the world of visual arts, expressing herself through painting and drawing, creating vibrant and thought-provoking pieces that reflect her unique perspective on life.

Adan Rabbani Khokhar

Adan Rabbani Khokhar is a student of-International Relations who worked at the Federal Tax Ombudsman Secretariat as an intern. In his free time he pursues his love for sports as he is a badminton player and have played at district and national level.